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Last year he was alleged to have profited from hosting businessmen on private tours of Chelsea's training ground in Surrey. He was also professionally embarrassed when a company sent an email brazenly touting the England captain for potential sponsorship deals.

He said the company had sent the email without his consent.

Bridge, 29, visited Perroncel on Tuesday to collect their son and take him back to his Manchester home to protect him from the media frenzy.

Ms Perroncel's publicist, Max Clifford, dismissed reports that she had flings with three other past and present Chelsea stars, saying she regularly met footballers through her work in nightclubs.

"Further, if – as I think likely – the real concern of the applicant in this case is the effect of publication upon the sponsorship business, then damages would be an adequate remedy if LNS succeeds at trial," the judge said.

She has been thrust under the spotlight after details of her affair with Terry emerged when an injunction blocking reporting of the matter was revoked on Friday.

Terry is said to have had a four-month affair with Miss Perroncel which began in September and also allegedly paid for her to have an abortion at a private clinic in October.

"I do not find it credible that rumours that have circulated as widely as the rumours in this case are said to have circulated have not yet reached the ears of at least the first interested person.

If they have not yet got that far, they surely will do very soon," the judge said.

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