Validating scanner profiles

The Windows Phone project can be navigated from within Visual Studio for Mac, even though that project type is not supported for compilation in Visual Studio for Mac. This document described how Shared Projects work, how they can be created and used in both Visual Studio for Mac and Visual Studio, and introduced a simple sample application that demonstrates a Shared Project in action.Plant phenotyping plays a critical role in grasping plant architectures and understanding plant responses to environment changes.There is also IDE support to help manage the compiler directives and visualize how the code will look in each application.If you have used file-linking in the past to share code between projects, Shared Projects works in a similar way but with much improved IDE support.A new Shared Project looks as shown below (after a class file has been added) - notice there are no References or Component nodes; these are not supported for Shared Projects.

The code is compiled as part of each referencing project and can include compiler directives to help incorporate platform-specific functionality into the shared code base.

This is illustrated in the diagram below - conceptually the entire contents of the Shared Project is "copied into" each referencing project and compiled as though it was a part of them.

The code in a Shared Project can contain compiler directives that will enable or disable sections of code depending on which application project is using the code, which is suggested by the colored platform boxes in the diagram.

Because Shared Projects are not compiled (on their own), you cannot set output or compiler options, project configurations, assembly signing, or custom commands.

The code in a Shared Project effectively inherits these values from whatever is referencing them.

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The Options screen is shown below - the Project Name and the Default Namespace are the only two settings that you will generally change.

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