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As my small way of giving back and giving thanks, I put together my own HOWTO covering the most important details regarding exploiting the Wii, setting up your hardware, then installing and configuring Wii Flow for maximal enjoyment.I would consider the Homebrew Setup page on the Wii Brew wiki to be the most authoritative source of information about Wii hacking.Selecting a Channel icon with the Wii Remote's button then allows the user to open it by clicking the "Start" button.

However, because all of this developed over time, as I mentioned above most of the information out there related to Wii hacking is either dated, incomplete, or conflicting with each other.If you have access to a Linux system, I highly recommend this method instead.Most (old) guides suggest installing d2x into slots 249 and 250, which is used by default by launchers such as Wiiflow, but this is problematic as new Wii games will repeatedly prompt you to update and overwrite slots 249 and 250 with stub (non-functional) IOSes (this 'feature' was added by Nintendo specifically to break hacked Wiis).This guide supplements the existing documentation to include additional details that I consider important, and focuses on the Smash Stack method since that works all versions of Wii as well as all versions the virtual Wii included on Wii U (as of 4.0.3). If you do not have (or have access to) a copy of Super Smash Bros.Brawl, please review the Homebrew Setup page for alternative options.

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