Updating marble fireplace

let’s step back and see how it all started, shall we?

I’d been trying to ‘live’ with our green marble fireplace because, let’s face it, it’s MARBLE. If you have a hacksaw or a masonry blade for your circular saw, you’re all set. Here’s how our fireplace used to look: And here’s how it looks, after we installed Air Stone: Want to give this a try at home?

Air Stone’s newest color is coming out in 2017 and they’ve asked my help to share it with all of you.

Its natural beauty, easy install, and fantastic price are just the beginning….

If your stone/brick doesn’t change colour, it has likely already been sealed. You may notice that there are many woods, furniture styles, stones and clothing fads that keep coming back in style, however, you don’t see many bricks being resurrected from the record books.

Most of these products were not sealed originally because they don’t usually get exposed to water.

To see what your fireplace would look like when sealed, fill a spray bottle with water and cover a section of your fireplace with it. Keep in mind that many of the sealants won’t have the ‘sheen’ that water makes, but will create the ‘depth of colour’.

Have you been wanting to make a change, but can’t afford a full fireplace makeover?

If so, then get ready to give your fireplace a swift kick in the ash…Most brass surrounds have pieces that are removable.

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Via My Repurposed Life A wood mantle is not necessarily a ‘good’ mantle.

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