Universal donts of dating

Selena and her BF don't need to go out to have a successful date night, though.In August, The Weeknd posted an Instagram story showing the pair simply hanging out at home, playing video games and eating pizza.Selena Gomez and The Weeknd are really getting into the Halloween spirit.The couple was spotted Thursday night enjoying all the spookiness Los Angeles's Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights has to offer — double creepy points that it was also the eve of Friday the 13th.DON’T: Lead the person on if you don’t feel a connection. Having you phone on you can give you a sense of security and make sure you have numbers programmed in that you can call quickly if needed.If you don’t see an association with someone going any further, say so, but of course, there is no point being nasty about it, be compassionate and diplomatic. If something doesn’t feel right, then there is a good chance that it isn’t, follow your intuition at all times, it won’t let you down. DO: Try to relax, be yourself and have a good time! Rules, Schmules--this is what really goes on between men and women in the 90's.

You know what your border line is, so don’t’ go over it.

How can anyone possibly doom a relationship in just 10 days? Raised in Tallahassee, Fla., longtime friends Michele Alexander and Jeannie Long both received bachelor's degrees in English from Florida State University.

Here is a laugh-out-loud, dead-on send up of all of those bad habits members of the dating game need to break in order to get a life--er,...a relationship. Their first humor book, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, was the basis of the recent hit movie starring Kate Hudson and Matthew Mc Conaughey.

Take your time, if someone is pressuring you to move faster than you’d like than maybe you should back away.

DO: Tell a friend or family member who, where and when you will be meeting.

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Even if you meet someone you don’t think will be a forever after love connection, enjoy the experience!

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