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The entire volume measures a total of nearly six inches [15 cm] in thickness and weights 59 pounds (26.76 kg).The plates are covered with mysterious symbols, very similar to the “reformed Egyptian” characters, written by Joseph Smith Jr. Many of the symbols on the plates found by the archaeologists are identical to those drawn by the prophet, in 1928. is said to have found similar golden plates on September 22, 1823, in a hill near his home in Manchester, New York.Because men typically dominate senior management, there’s evidence that the most valuable network members may be men,” wrote Kim Elsesser, a research scholar at the UCLA Center for the Study of Women, in the Establishing cross-gender mentors, or even just office buddies, can be awkward.One study found that when mentors and their proteges are of different genders, they socialize less outside of work and their work relationships are harder to initiate because they worry others will misconstrue their friendliness as sexual interest.In psychology, this is known as the “audience challenge” to cross-gender friendships: People worry what their neighbors or co-workers are going to think.But the way to overcome that problem, Elsesser said, is not to monastically order room service every night of your business trip.A 2010 Harvard Business Review research report led by Sylvia Ann Hewlett, the president of the Center for Work-Life Policy think tank, found that many men avoid being sponsors—workplace advocates—for women “because sponsorship can be misconstrued as sexual interest.”Hewlett’s surveys, interviews, and focus groups found that 64 percent of executive men are reluctant to have one-on-one meetings with junior women, and half of junior women avoid those meetings in turn.Perhaps as a result, 31 percent of women in her sample felt senior men weren’t willing to “spend their chips” on younger women in office political battles.

that he never eats alone with a woman other than his wife and that he won’t attend events featuring alcohol without her by his side, either.”In context, this choice is not especially surprising.The walls and ceiling were covered with ancient traces of soot, presumably from torches, suggesting the cave had been visited many times in the past.On top of a large flat stone resembling an altar, they found what looks like a book made of metal plates.What’s more, “30 percent of them noted that the sexual tension intrinsic to any one-on-one relationship with men made male sponsorship too difficult to be productive.”And that’s too bad, because according to the Harvard study and some others, women prefer male sponsors, perceiving them to be better-connected and more powerful.And they’re right: According to some analyses, men hold more than 85 percent of top management positions in big companies.

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