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After his conviction for the killings, Rees confessed to two other murders, and authorities believed he was involved in two more. Early life Little is known about Rees' childhood and upbringing. In 1955, Rees was arrested on charges of assaulting an unidentified thirty-six-year-old woman.Prior to his arrest and imprisonment, Rees was known as a jazz musician in the Washington, D. What is known is that during the early 1950s, Rees attended the University of Maryland in College Park, just outside of Washington, D. Classmates at UMD would later recall Rees being a talented musician, showing skill with the saxophone, piano, and clarinet. Rees had tried to forcibly place her in his car, but she escaped.Police managed to contact and question Tipton, who denied knowing a tall, dark-haired man described by the soldier as Harold's killer.Since there were few new leads--and since forensic science was primitive in 1957--Margaret Harold's murder became a cold case until Rees killed again two years later.After being refused demands for cigarettes and money, an angered Rees shot Harold point-blank in the face.

Hurkos reportedly led investigators to the house of one of their main suspects, a trash collector who confessed to the murders; with the later apprehension of Rees, however, Hurkos and his claims about the case were ridiculed by The Washington Post.

Murders Margaret Harold On June 26, 1957, Margaret Harold and her boyfrienda U. Army sergeant on weekend leavewere traveling near Annapolis, Maryland when Rees, driving his green Chrysler, forced them off the road.

After exiting the vehicle, Rees gestured at the couple to roll down their car window, displaying a gun.

After Mildred and Susan Jackson's bodies were found, detectives discovered an abandoned building near their dump sitereportedly the same cinderblock structure that had been searched after Margaret Harold's killing.

Inside, they found a red button missing from Mildred's dress, indicating that she had been taken there after being kidnapped. After finding points of comparison between the Harold and Jackson casesmainly the general area of the murders and the brutal sadism of the crimesinvestigators determined that both homicides were committed by the same culprit.

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We have many plans and enthusiasm to keep expanding and making Murderpedia a better site, but we really need your help for this. Melvin David Rees, also known as the "Sex Beast", was an American serial killer who committed five murders in Virginia and Maryland between 19.

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