Reasons for dating

Those demos that went nowhere will be your first attempt to make music, not your last.

As nobody is perfect 100 percent of the time, everyone will face rejection at some point in their lives.

Every date — from that playboy soccer player to the attractive drama major — will give you one more clue on what you truly, deeply want in a person.

So, the next time someone walks by, bemoaning how much he or she hates to surf, you’ll know to strike up a conversation.

Once we accept the unknown in our lives, it opens our eyes to the endless possibilities we have before us.

And most importantly, it encourages us to be ready for opportunities that take us to the next level.

What is the joy of a pursuit that leaves us hanging every time the relationship may lead to something serious?

Fortunately for us, the answer is not “nothing.” Dating sucks, but there’s a lot to gain from it, as well.

Though we may feel that we know our preferences from the get-go, it’s very different to experience them face to face.But, he or she gives you a rotten look and turn you down without a second thought. And, the more you grow to accept rejection, the easier it’ll be to face failure in all forms, including failure in your professional and creative life.Now, that presentation you completely botched in front of your boss will be a step in the road instead of the end of your career.That’s why experiencing it multiple times via dating will help you become more resilient toward failure.One of the most frustrating parts of dating is that you never know when you’ll meet “the one.” No matter how much effort you put into your appearance at that charity function you went to last Sunday, it may have yielded few to no dates for the future.

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So, you went out with a surfer only to learn you hate surfing.

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