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I’ve read a ton of books on caring for cats, and even written one myself.Of course, all that reading and theory didn’t prepare me for the reality.She had been in kidney decline for quite a while, but at some point, it seemed like she couldn’t step up into the covered box in the laundry room, so she’d go somewhere else.

It Began With a Very Old Cat Our “pee problems” started when our 17-year-old cat Alia stopped using the litter box.

The Poor Man’s Scat Mat In addition to massive clean up, I made the area behind the TV less appealing to Troi than her real litter box.

I had some one-inch chicken wire from my garden that I cut to fit the entire space behind the TV.

Reubens wrote sketches, developed his improvisational skills and, with Hartman, he developed the Pee-wee Herman character.

In 1977, The Groundlings staged a performance in which its members created characters one might see in a comedy club.

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Now Troi would have to jump down onto the wire, which would be unpleasant on her paws at best.

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