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As one of the show’s few working-class characters, Ros tells us a lot about how tough it is to navigate the machinations of the high-born with body and soul intact. Catelyn Stark Robb’s mom and majordomo worked tirelessly to protect her family and keep the peace between rival claimants to the Iron Throne. Her husband gets killed, and then her son and daughter-in-law and grandchild-to-be follow suit, leaving her to helplessly and hopelessly slit the throat of Walder Frey’s child bride before she gets killed in turn. But his desire to see everyone get along leads to his undoing, as he cedes far too much authority to the fanatical High Sparrow and ignores the threat posed by his own mother, Cersei.She winds up wiping out all her enemies, Tommen’s wife included, and the kid kills himself for his failures. Shae Tyrion Lannister’s sex-worker significant other is a mysterious figure, not least to him.On the other hand, he repented from his traitorous ways and became Dany’s most faithful servant …before she found out his past and exiled him all over again.On the other hand, well, that particular hand is turning into stone because he caught the grayscale plague.

And despite ample opportunities, she never mistook cruelty or vengeance for justice. These characters are just ordinary folks: a bastard blacksmith’s apprentice, a rogue wildling’s abused daughter, a young hoodlum who knows his way around the kitchen.Dondarrion is the low-ranking lord whose old life ends in an ambush by Gregor “the Mountain” Clegane, and Thoros is the drunken priest who somehow figured out how to bring Beric back from the dead. Brynden “the Blackfish” Tully and Edmure Tully (tie)Catelyn’s crusty uncle and kid brother both survive the Red Wedding, but in very different circumstances.Now they lead a guerrilla company against any and all armies who threaten the smallfolk — but they aren’t above sleazy behavior themselves if it’ll help bankroll their campaign. Osha Con: We first met this wildling woman when she threatened to murder Bran Stark in order to reach safety. Edmure is kept as the prisoner of the Lannister-Frey alliance (it was wedding!They pulled it off, and they were nice to the kid to boot, even if Jojen had to die to make it work. Davos Seaworth A one-time smuggler turned Hand of the King to Stannis turned counselor to Jon Snow, this gruff but good-hearted salty dog may well be the only man over 30 years old on the show who hasn’t gratuitously murdered anyone at some point.He’s also quick to remind everyone to keep their eyes on the prize, i.e. Grey Worm Or: “What if Missandei were a man who was castrated as a child and was subsequently trained to be a perfect enslaved killing machine, but developed a conscience anyway?

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But in the end, he sacrificed his honor to save his daughters’ lives.

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