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Golf is also a big part of his life these days, and most of his ski trips are to Mammoth, although Vail is still an all-time favorite. “You have to roll with the punches, especially in this environment,” he says.“If you get put into a different position, you have to figure out how to make the most out of that position, and if you’re laid off, you have to look to apply the skills you’ve learned and take it to the next level, even if that means working in a different industry.”And although it may look like he’s sailed from one great job to the next, Meyers says there were many times, with each change and at each juncture of his career, where he felt like he was hitting a brick wall.“I just hunker down,” Meyers says, “and I focus on what I can control. He does yoga, works out with a trainer, and enjoys going out on the weekends and traveling.Since he lives in the Hollywood Hills, he says some of his favorite restaurants are in Hollywood — Comme Ça and Providence, both on Melrose, are among them.Croix, a river that runs along the border of Minnesota and Wisconsin. “I had total independence to go up and down the river in my fishing boat as long as I didn’t go past a certain bridge,” he says.Just like Tom Sawyer, Meyers had little interest in buckling down to study or do homework.

“After I worked in equity research, which has notoriously long hours — everything else feels like less hours.”But certainly his present life as People Media’s CEO is a far cry from the kick-back rural life he enjoyed growing up on the banks of the St.

Social media, however, has made the whole thing just a tad bit trickier.

A finer line has been drawn between being impressive and borderline annoying psychotic.

“Not only had the economy unraveled, but the epicenter of the economy was the Internet,” Meyers recalls.

“We were at ground zero for what made the economy implode.”One after another, the “dotbombs” piled into Meyers’ inbox — all those vaporous, venture capital–funded dotcoms that floated to the top of the NASDAQ and then sank like balloons with fatal leaks when it became apparent there was no real income to support them.

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