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Besides allowing commuters to make more informed decisions on their routes, traffic cameras are used to quickly identify incidents so traffic can be redirected and provide first responders with fast, accurate information.

Operators in ADOT’s Traffic Operations Center use images from the cameras to identify restrictions caused by freeway crashes, information that is shared with the public through az511and Twitter (@Arizona DOT).

"You as a property owner have that right to rent your property out, and nobody can stop you," Petersen said. He said his bill stops discrimination toward property owners.

"Homeowners' associations were literally prohibiting people from being able to rent out their property because they didn't like their tenant," Petersen said.

Many homeowners' associations belong to crime-free programs, which partner with local law enforcement to ban convicted felons, sex offenders and drug dealers from renting in their communities. HOAs will no longer be able to ask homeowners to conduct background checks on their renters and hand over personal information.Every one of the sponsoring lawmakers happens to be a real-estate agent."I think that they are doing what's in the best interest for their groups and organizations and definitely what's not in the best interest for the citizens of Arizona who live in homeowner's associations," Russell said.When confronted with that information, Petersen said, "I think you're using an extreme hypothetical here." While Petersen called it hypothetical, CBS found it is happening.The law doesn't take effect until September, but homeowners have already started breaking the crime-free agreements and renting to those previously not allowed, like Daniel Thresher, a registered sex offender who just moved into a designated crime-free property in Mesa.

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