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“In some cases, the defendant also downloaded or printed FBI reports related to witnesses, confidential sources, and the progress of several criminal investigations and ongoing prosecutions.” Most of the searches involved the Pellicano case.The search that did him in involved an FBI confidential report about the Pellicano case that was downloaded Jan. That report was passed on to Fiorentino (referred to in the document as “X”) who provided a copy to “an attorney for Anthony Pellicano in San Francisco, California.” The Pellicano attorneys in turn accused the government of misconduct for withholding exculpatory evidence that could have helped the defense.“He was really struggling,” said Stein, who writes the lively Spy Talk blog for Congressional Quarterly. According to the newspapers, he met the raven haired, smokey voiced actress Linda Fiorentino, three years his senior, at Elaine’s restaurant on 2nd Avenue on New York’s Upper East Side, a fixture that over the years had served drinks, dinners and after-theater noshes to such luminaries as Woody Allen, Michael Caine and Jackie O. Pellicano was under investigation for illegally wiretapping Hollywood’s Who’s Who at the behest of clients including comic Chris Rock.“Almost overnight, the two became inseparable, popping up together at Elaine’s, Bruno’s and Rossini’s D. And he was accused of illegally wiretapping such folks as Sylvester Stallone. In 2005, he was serving 2 ½ years in prison for illegal possession of a hand grenade and plastic explosives.

The slap on the wrist may have been relatively painless. He’s made some mistakes.” For a Rossini, a guy who had lived a charmed life — gallivanting about New York and Washington with girlfriend/ actress Linda Fiorentino, eating steak, sipping fine Cabernet, running with some of the big dogs at the FBI, it was a precipitous and ugly fall, and yes shocking to some.

Other news reports said that Fiorentino got to know Pellicano while campaigning for a good cause — autism. In the end, it came down to this: Fiorentino was helping Pellicano.

Rossini was helping Fiorentino by digging through secret FBI documents. Added Dan Moldea, a noted author who has been working on a book for years on the Anthony Pellicano case, and has met Rossini and Fiorentino: “I don’t know them well, but they’re nice people.

Stein met Rossini in late 2005 when he began work on an in-depth piece on the FBI’s transformation to an intelligence gathering agency. “I didn’t know her, she looked familiar,” Stein said. “They could finish off each other’s sentences as they say,” he remarked.

While working on the article, Rossini was one of Stein’s key contacts in the FBI press office. It was a mess.” In February 2006, Rossini got a big break — in his personal life that is. Stein said they all headed out for breakfast and started walking down 30th Street in Georgetown when Stein turned to Fiorentino and said: “You look familiar.” “Men in Black? “She was really nice.” Meanwhile, according to news reports, Fiorentino had a fascination with Anthony Pellicano, even before she met Rossini in 2006.

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