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Joom SEF includes built-in support of all core Joomla components and Joom Fish tool for multilanguage sites.

Optimized URLs and metas are better evaluated by search engines and will help your website to appear at higher positions.

Some of the extensions are provided for free, either as part of Joom SEF installation package or in free Joom SEF add-ons downloads section of our website. At the moment, the actively maintained ones are Joom SEF 4 for Joomla 2.5, 3.0 and Joom SEF 3 for Joomla 1.5. 1.0 versions and it is not generaly supported anymore.

Others can be purchased from our Joom SEF add-ons e-shop or delivered by 3 Because of specific API differences between main individual Joomla releases (1.5, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 3.6), there exists a special version of Joom SEF for each main Joomla release. Please, check the following table for compatibility details.

For details on the differences, please reffer to the Joom SEF editions comparison.

We have prepared packages of support services, such as installation on Apache or IIS systems. If you need other type of support or customization service you can purchase a paid support time.

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But it's not just that - it brings a whole new meaning to the word "community" for Joomla and it's a perfect companion to e-shops and forums.

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