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Yesterday i sold my quinny pram on gumtree to a lady, whose partner came up to pick, she lives about 30 miles away.

Today i had a call that the tyre has went flat and she wants to return it back.... If the tyre has really become flat, that was not how i sold it and checked everything before giving to that guy, even demonstrated the opening, closing, recline etc.

If you feel the item was as advertised and they are trying it on, ignore them. I've spoken to my husband, who's a solicitor and he says "do not offer a refund, she bought as seen and the police will not be interested in this dispute, unless someone gets violent." If she or her husband does turn up however and is threatening, you have every right to ring the police yourself.

You could ring the police to get advice and then tell the woman what they say.

i dont want police on front of my house only for a stroller that the lady didnt like? The item was sold as seen if there was any faults it's upto her husband to have pointed these out before paying.

I would bet she will not be turning up on your doorstep and certainly no chance of that being accompanied by the police! They had the opportunity to look and try the item before and if they were not happy should have taken this up with you at the time.

Sent from my i Phone using Netmums My daughter bought a (supposedly) 8 week old kitten via Gumtree.

The conditions were a complete meet outside a house, then seller turned up in car, obviously didn't live there.

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