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When your cards are on the table right away (but again, laid out in a gentle and genuine way) they are less likely to feel weird about it. In terms of practicalities, you may try something like..."I really want us to get to know each other better, but there's something I'd like to be fully transparent about mostly because I do really like you/care about you, and I respect you...

I was born a boy, even though I never felt like one.

He lives in a another country where I visit pretty often. But the actual problem is that he doesn't know that I am transgender and I really wanna tell him but don't know how.

Can you give me any suggestion on how to tell him without him freaking out right away? There might be a tiny possibility that he accepts the fact but I don't know. I am scared of getting rejected again I'd say give it more time.

If you were in a long relationship with a trans person and figured out about the op later, what would be your thoughts and what would you do?

Would you continue dating them if this fact was established early on in the relationship? Vital information like that should be established before things get serious.2. Not just because I don't personally agree with dating a trans woman, but I also absolutely hate being lied to.

But can I say that some of these girls/women turn out beautiful after the op.(PS I'm confused cause I don't know if that makes me gay or not) One of them was Kim Petras and I was just like wow. Do you think that a Trans gender women has the responsibility of telling their potential partner/suitor of their medical history?I still like you very much, and hope you feel the same. Of course, all of this is up to you, but you asked for a specific "how to," so I thought I'd let you know how I've phrased it in the past.It's not perfect, and it's not truly reflective of what it means to be trans, but it's a start.So I went on a date with this guy and we clicked instantly.He couldn't stop saying that how beautiful I am and he really likes me.

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In my heart and soul, I've always been a girl, and once I was able to, I made physical changes to live the way I've always felt inside.

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