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Always use your right hand when shaking hands or passing something to someone, as the left hand is traditionally used for toilet ablutions; however, locals do use their left hand to “support” their right arm when shaking hands.

Most people in the country are Buddhist although there are significant Muslim and Christian minorities.

One common one is to safeguard their women from neighbouring tribesmen who may try to steal them away. Also, the long necked women of the Kayan tribe in East Myanmar, wear brass neck coils around their necks from a young age.

Over the years, the weight of the brass pushes the women’s collar bone down, compressing their rib cage.

The distinctive Burmese “thanaka” is a face cosmetic paste made from grinding water with the bark of a particular tree from central Myanmar.

It is believed to act as a sunblock, anti ageing and prevent acne.

If you want to get the waiter’s attention in a teahouse or restaurant, you need to blow them a few kisses.Aung Sang Siu Kee is the popular opposition leader in Myanmar who was under house arrest in Yangon for most of 1989-2010 by the oppressive military government and has become a popular Nelson Mandela like figure internationally.She won the Nobel Peace Prize for Peace in 1991 during her house arrest and the only winner not allowed to accept it in person.Avoid touching another person’s head, as it is considered the most sacred part of the body; feet are unclean and so when sitting don’t point your feet at anyone or towards images of the Buddha.Remove your shoes before entering a Buddhist site or a home.

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