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When seeking support and healing for post-abortion trauma, one basic choice is between group support or one-on-one counseling.

If you’re not sure whether a group setting or an individual setting is a better fit for you at this time, go to Is group support the right choice?

—Leslie Graves If you are suffering after abortion, you may feel very alone.

You may have experienced abortion many years ago and never told anyone. You may have been denied the choice you wanted or the support you needed. For some, it was a decision they made and later came to regret; for most, it involved some for of coercion.

My prayers and encouragement are with you as you walk on this path of recovery. We know that what once seemed impossible peace, forgiveness, restoration to a sense of wholeness, is indeed possible.

However deep your trauma and your sense of pain and emotional turmoil, I encourage you to look forward to recovery with renewed hope and confidence.

Because of what happened, I will always have to struggle with destructive thoughts and unhealthy behaviors.” Don’t give up!

Many, many people have experienced complete healing of their post-abortion symptoms through one of these programs.

That’s normal, and it’s one reason why support is so helpful on your journey.

This is a very personal decision, with many, many factors that you will need to consider. If you e-mail an organization, you should expect a response within 48 hours.

If you indicate an interest in raising awareness through sharing your story, a good support group will encourage you to carefully discern what is truly best for you, and to take plenty of time in making this decision. If you call a hotline or therapist and get voicemail, you should get detailed information about when you can speak to someone in person. The program should not include any political component at all.

As you investigate the resources listed here, keep in mind that not every program is a good fit for every person.

Please keep trying until you find a person or group where you are truly safe, comfortable and welcome.

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