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So can we conclude that all applications that deal with data are the same and can be built using a common pattern? Other aspects, including scalability and performance, affect and influence the design.

For compound queries, the hurdle is the way in which an SQL result set is adapted to fit into a Data Set and whether cached data is effective to the application.

If a Web application is made open to anonymous users? providing a good, if not optimal, level of scalability is a sort of survival test.

Scalability is related to performance, but it can't be identified exclusively with that.

As a result, having less memory available to the Web server might lead to performance degradation.

On the other hand, if you're developing an application that needs to be both fast and scalable, you should carefully consider caching data at some level to reduce the workload on middle-tier components and the bottleneck of database connections.

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A data adapter that is about to update a row during a batch update process fires the Row Updating and Row Updated events, respectively, before and after the update. NET disconnected model, exploits the capabilities of the Data Set object? The idea is that you split the original query into two or more distinct queries and gather the results in separate tables held in memory within the same Data Set object.

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