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Although CSI is a fictional show, it's based absolutely on real people doing real work, going to a crime scene, where you have evidence and you get clues about the past, and you trust those clues and you embrace them, and go forward to convict somebody. Ham and his followers have this remarkable view of a worldwide flood, that somehow influenced everything we observe in nature.

That's what produces our technology: computers, spacecraft, jet planes, smoke detectors, etc.

You see, when we’re talking about origins, were talking about the past; we weren’t there; we can't observe that, whether it's molecules-to-man evolution or whether it's the creation account.

When you are talking about the past, we like to call it origins- or historical-science.

[Joke about learning to tie a bow tie and getting help from an undertaker, who required him to lie down before he could tie it.

not sure the relevance of the joke.] So here tonight we are going to have two stories, and we can compare Mr.

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Looking at DNA, antibiotics, medicines and vaccines.

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