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After this conversion, the user cannot directly sign in with password. is included in the request, the user’s password is reset to a temporary password that is returned, and then the temporary password is expired.If you have integrated Okta with your on-premise Active Directory (AD), then setting a user’s password as expired in Okta also expires the password in Active Directory.The user is deprovisioned from all assigned applications which may destroy their data such as email or files. Generates a one-time token (OTT) that can be used to reset a user’s password.The OTT link can be automatically emailed to the user or returned to the API caller and distributed using a custom flow.It is possible for a user to login before these applications have been successfully provisioned for the user. Creates a user without a password or recovery question & answer When the user is activated, an email is sent to the user with an activation token that can be used to complete the activation process.This is the default flow for new user registration with the Okta Admin UI. Note: If the user is assigned to an application that is configured for provisioning, the activation process triggers downstream provisioning to the application. The system performs group reconciliation during activation and assigns the user to all applications via direct or indirect relationships (group memberships).

This flow is common when developing a custom user registration experience.All MFA factor enrollments returned to the unenrolled state. This link is present only if the user is currently enrolled in one or more MFA factors.Generates a one-time token (OTT) that can be used to reset a user’s password The user will be required to validate their security question’s answer when visiting the reset link.This operation will transition the user to the status of and the user will not be able to login or initiate a forgot password flow until they complete the reset flow.Note: You can also use this API to convert a user with the Okta Credential Provider to a use a Federated Provider.

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The best practice is to generate a short-lived, one-time token (OTT) that is sent to a verified email account.

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