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A lot of other RPGs dispense with such questions, but it is “hard-coded” into Pathfinder in the sense that it’s not just a role-playing choice: many spells, magic items, and other effects change depending on a character’s alignment.Next, there’s a few pages on “Vital Statistics” like determining a character’s age, height and weight, and (most importantly) carrying capacity (also known as “encumbrance”).Last, a bunch of little things are covered under the title “Exploration”: how far characters can see in different levels of light, how to determine if an object can be intentionally broken, etc.It’s a chapter that’s easy to overlook but provides answers to a lot of “little things” that might come up during a session. Combat is a major part of Pathfinder, and there’s admittedly a lot to digest in a short number of pages here.As you would imagine, there are advantages and disadvantages to each race.The chapter spends a page on each race, and beyond the rules ramifications it takes care to talk about what members of that race typically look like, what their culture is like, why they often become adventurers, and how they relate to other races.I only knew it because it was the name everyone knew when someone said "tabletop RPG" and the answer wasn't "what is that?

Each skill is described with great detail on specifically what it allows you to do and not do, which is quite helpful in avoiding rules arguments. A feat might be something that lets you fight better in darkness (“Blindfighting”) or it might be something that makes certain spells you cast more effective (“Spell Focus”).If your character has a low Strength score, don’t expect him or her to be able to carry a lot of gear.Then, there’s a discussion of movement speeds in various contexts (in the course of a combat encounter, for example, or for travelling great distances overland).Its strength is the nearly infinite capacity for customization, and its weakness is that enormous customization introduces complexity.In other words, this is a “crunch heavy” instead of a “rules light” game. This is going to be a long review because I’ve got fifteen chapters to cover in this massive, 575-page book!

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